Raw chocolate cake

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A couple of days ago, it was my daughter’s birthday. And this year, she wanted a chocolate cake that tasted just as good as the chocolate mousse. Ok, darling! That can be done! So I figured out some nice tasting cake bottom, calculated how much chocolate mousse I needed as cake filling, and voila!

Raw chocolate cake

Cake bottom:
– oat flour (blending oat flakes works fine)
– soft butter or coconut oil
– dates or raisins (if you like it sweeter)

How much of each you ask? Hmm, I didn’t use any measurement tool this time. So let me explain what I did. I took the cake form and poured in the oats (I used whole oats that I made into flour), so that the bottom was just, but nicely, covered. Then I ground them into flour and added some soft butter. I started with a little bit and mixed it in by hand. Then added a little more, until it would all stick nicely together, but not be too greasy yet. That’s when I had my dough ready. However, next time I might add some raisins or dates to make it a bit sweeter. You need a good blender for this, or you can add some other natural form of sweetener, like date syrup, agave syrup or coconut sugar. To taste 😉
Divide the dough equally over the bottom of your cake form and bake at ready in an oven of 180 C for about 10 minutes (pay attention, when temperatures of different ovens can vary). Ok, sorry, this part is not raw. If you like to have a totally raw cake, blend some nuts and dates in a good blender and use that as your cake bottom.

Cake filling:
Start by measuring your cake form(s). Assuming you have a round one, the measurement you take is called “diameter”. Often this is also written on the bottom of the form. Decide how high you want your cake to be and calculate how much filling you need. Calculate? Yes! You can do it! Here’s some help:

Amount of cake filling (dl) = 3,14 x diameter (cm) x diameter (cm) / 4 x height (cm) / 100

An example: I used a cake form of 20 cm for a cake with 3 cm high filling. The amount of cake filling I needed to make for this cake was:

3,14 x 20 x 20 / 4 x 3 / 100 = 9,42 dl

Ok, so now you know how much you need to make. The original recipe for the chocolate mousse was about 4,5 to 5 dl. So I needed to double that recipe for my cake. Make the right amount of chocolate mousse from this recipe, pour it straight onto your cooled down cake bottom and let it stiffen up in the fridge. Enjoy, and let me know whether you liked it just as much as my daughter and our guests!

I like to use as many organic ingredients as possible, to maximize the health benefits for me and my family. What do you do to increase their health?


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