Sorry that we are unable to show you the picture of our wonderful loghouse this time. You're welcome to come and see for yourself!Our workshops take place in a wonderful loghouse, located along the road to Saarenmaa, approximately 5 km west from Palokankeskus, Jyväskylä. Peaceful and close to nature, and still easy to reach from the city.

Kaijanpääntie 10
40270 Palokka
(click here or on the picture to see a map)

You can reach Gaia Center for Wellbeing by bus during working days (bus 31 and 32). In the evenings, weekends and school holidays, you can come by bus to the Palokka markets (e.g. bus 22, 23 and 25), from where a pick-up can be arranged. Remember to organize this well in advance.

Note: Gaia Center for Wellbeing is accessed by stairs and is therefore not accessible by wheelchair.

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