Creative therapies / workshops
True Voice 120€
Art therapy / Intuitive painting 120€
Psychological consult 75€
Body treatments – Oasis of Presence (Läsnäolon keidas)
Startup consult (20 min, in Gaia or by phone) 0€
       60 min 50€
       90 min 70€
     120 min 80€
Traditional bonesetting
       60 min 50€
       90 min 70€
     120 min 80€
Rosen treatment 60€
Indian head massage (45 min) 50€
Indian head massage & foot massage (60 min) 60€
Hot stone massage (60 min) 60€
Aroma massage (60 min) 60€
Essential oils – Gaia Essential
Individual info about essential oils 0€
Group info about essential oils (in Gaia or at your place; min 4 persons) 0€
Basic scan (Zyto Compact) 15€
Extensive scan (Zyto Balance, 45 min) 45€
Some You-time* (4h) €240
*A True Voice session, followed by a Rosen treatment, after which you can slide right from the massage table to a painting canvas to let your experiences flow on paper. Of course there will be some nice tea moments as well.

You can book your appointment by phone or email. Body treatments can also be booked via our electronic booking system.

Please ask us about the prices for pair and group sessions (not possible for body treatments). All sessions are also available as gift certificates.

Group workshops
Have a look at our calendar on the right side of the page. The prices for the different workshops and events are mentioned in the workshop descriptions. You can sign up for group workshops by filling out this form, by email or phone.

All prices include all materials needed.

When you book, see also our cancellation policy.

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