Listen to the story and wisdom of your body.

Many events in life arouse emotional reactions in us. We have not always had the space or tools to live through these emotions. Instead, we needed to push them down somehow. Now, these emotions are stored in our body as muscle tensions, which in a long run cause us pain and might even make us ill. In Rosen method, chronic muscle tensions are met by direct touch and presence. The treatment takes place in a laying position on a massage table, similar as in a normal massage. However, in Rosen method, tense muscles are not relaxed by massaging. Via the therapist’s peaceful way of touching and verbal interaction, the chronic tensions come into awareness, and through this it is possible for them to let go. When chronically tense muscles are relaxing, the emotional energy that was stored in them is freed, and at the same time conscious insights or memories might arise about the events that were related to the tensions (although that is not needed for the treatment to have effect). Rosen method is not active doing, but rather being present, trusting and letting go. When the body gets free from unnecessary tensions, this brings us more energy for living and pursuing our personal dreams.
Our Rosen treatments are given by Jussi Helaakoski. To book an appointment, contact us via email or phone.

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