Let your heart sing and listen closely.

Our voice shows us who we are. We are all unique, with our own wonderful qualities that are waiting to come to the surface. No one is like you. And therefore no one sounds like you. Discover and embrace your own qualities, your own sound. In life, and in your voice.

Our own voice is one of the most powerful teachers we have in learning who we are. – Mark Fox

True Voice is about listening to what is within us and to invite our own authentic self with all its qualities to become a part of our world, our life. We use our strengths to overcome our blockades. We let go of limitations and beliefs that no longer serve us, so that life can flow again. By freeing the voice, your qualities will come into the light, into your life. One can hear the change immediately from the voice and you can also feel it in yourself. Most people notice that their voice has improved after a workshop, and they experience more space and freedom in themselves, in their singing and in their lives. True Voice is a great way to get more freedom to live, to breathe and to be who we genuinely are.

An open voice carries in it a very individual acoustical blueprint of each persons true potential. – Mark Fox

Our True Voice sessions are given by Lisette van Cuijck. The sessions are for individuals, couples, families or groups. To book an appointment for a True Voice session, contact us via email or phone.

“Lisette, what I do in half a year, you do in half an hour!” – Juha K., Psychotherapist & True Voice workshop participant

“Lovely holistic and natural, affects the body, mind and via that also the voice.” – True Voice workshop participant

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