Essential oils: nature’s healing power in a bottle.

Gaia, mother earth, provides us with everything we need to support our health and wellbeing in many, many ways. Essential oils are the life force, the essence of plants, flowers and trees. When you smell a rose, or a rosemary bush, you immediately notice the different effects. A rose might relax you right there in the moment, while rosemary might give you a more uplifting or even culinary ride. And what do you think of cinnamon in the kitchen, or in combination with a Christmas tree, the smell of lemon in a clean house, or the invigorating smells of a pine forest on a sunny day, or right after a rain shower?

Smells affect us. And the smells of essential oils even more, when they are so much more concentrated than in the original plant. But smells are not all there is to it. What is it in essential oils that make them so powerful? Essential oils contain the essence of the plant, both in terms of (natural) chemicals and in terms of energetic frequency. The power of nature in a bottle.

Science – natural chemicals are molecules that exist naturally in plants. These chemicals react with our body and therefore affect our body and mind. Different plants contain different amounts of different chemical compounds. That is why some plants have a relaxing effect and others are uplifting and invigorating, why some oils make you happy, and others help you concentrate. And how about the natural abilities of the plant to fight bacteria, illnesses, etc. to protect itself in nature? They are a part of the essential oil as well! And therefore we can use essential oils to support our health and wellbeing in so many ways!

You can use essential oils to:
– inspire a positive emotional state,
– support your physical wellbeing,
– purify and clean your home,
– refine your skin,
– create deep spiritual awareness,
– etc, etc.

Nature in its purest form

When the chemical compounds of essential oils (and of every substance that enters our body) have such a profound effect on our body and mind, it is very important to buy 100% pure essential oils from pure, trusted sources. Good essential oils are derived directly from plants, flowers and trees via careful steam distillation or cold pressing and involve no additives, solvents, fillers or whatsoever. The essence of the plant is preserved in this extraction process, and that is the only thing the bottle should contain. Unfortunately the essential oil market is not protected; many “scents” or “essential oils” on the market contain a lot of non-natural chemicals that should not be part of any essential oil bottle, or have any place in any household for that matter. Be aware especially of cheap oils and even more of “scents”; plants which are steam distilled do cost more than chemical compounds or fillers produced in a factory. And those last ones you definitely don’t want to have in your body or in your home!

Scan your body’s preferences

It is possible to make use of our advanced oil scanner: a measurement device, which measures galvanic skin response, offering you insights into your body’s essential oil preferences. In other words, a scan gives you the possibility to easily find out which essential oils help you to balance out the different body systems, as well as lifestyle, stress related and other emotional issues.
Book a scan, invite us to your event, or ask if you want to know more! A standard scan gives you insights in your body’s essential oil preferences. An extensive scan additionally gives insights in your body’s systems, emotional aspects and essential oil preferences specifically regarding those areas. An extensive scan includes about 45 minutes of consultation time; we will go through the report together, so that you can make sense of the results. The report will also be sent to your email.

Organize an oil evening

If you like to learn more about essential oils, you are very welcome at one of our oil evenings or other events. If you like to organize an oil evening or afternoon at your own place or a friend’s, send us a message and we will organize it for you. During this afternoon or evening, you will learn about different essential oils, you’ll get to ask all your questions and of course there will be lots of oils to smell and experience. There are no costs to this.