When pain surprises, the solution might be surprisingly close.

Traditional bonesetting is a holistic body treatment form in which different parts of the body are considered to be connected to each other via so called kinetic chain. Therefore, for instance the problems that we experience in the neck-sholder area might be rooted in incorrect posing in the feet. This means that in the treatment the focus is not merely in the area where the symptoms are mostly experienced. The treatment is always started with warming up the muscles, after which the focus is turned towards the movement trajectories of the joints in this area and fixing them if necessary. Traditional bonesetting treatment is done mainly on a massage table similarly as normal massage, although especially the treatment of the back is done partly when sitting on a stool. The treatment should not be experienced painful, because the main principle is to go only as far as the muscles give permission to go. Traditional bonesetting is used often in treating cronic muscle tensions and pains as well as different back area problems, but additionally when these primary symptoms get better, some other problematic issues might also be relieved or even solved totally. Additional information about traditional bonesetting can be found from the page www.perinteinenjasenkorjaus.fi and naturally you can also contact us and ask the questions that you would like to be answered.
In Gaia traditional bonesetting is given by Jussi Helaakoski. To book an appointment, contact us via email or phone.

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