• Lets keep the streets grey

Let’s keep the streets grey

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Let’s keep the streets grey! Let’s not sing, let’s not dance. Let’s not touch anyone, in any way. Let’s just be normal and not make anyone feel uncomfortable.

Or shall we sing? Shall we dance? Shall we live our most amazing inner truth? Radiate our inner happiness when doing so? Touch others with our authenticity, our wonderful being? Risk that they get touched by your beauty, by your realness, your authenticity, your happiness? Risk that they feel uncomfortable perhaps? Risk that they take your invitation to also reach inside, and start living their own wonderful inner truth, as also they are wonderful beings? You could start a ripple effect, change the lives of many… Do you risk it?

You could start a ripple effect, change the lives of many…
Do you risk it?

It’s your choice, and your choice only. Living your true colours invites others to do the same. Yes, it can make people feel uncomfortable, or even angry when they are protecting too deep wounds. And yes, there will be many who gladly take your invitation, consider it, feel it, try it, and live it. And these people will be so, so, happy that you showed them the way! That you showed them the light, your light. Because by shining your light you allow them to do the same. It guides them to their own inner light! And happiness! True freedom for all!

You make the world a better place with your wonderful, authentic, and unique presence. And it comes back to you a hundredfold, as you create YOUR world a better place, with more meaningful relationships in which everyone can be freely themselves. Wasn’t that what you always dreamed of in the first place?

So, let’s give the streets their colours back! Let’s stop trying to fit ourselves in the same square box over and over again. (Let’s stop being hurt by that also, for God’s sake!) Let’s stop trying to be grey and fit in, as in not to make anyone feel uncomfortable around us. Let’s be open to the possibility that we touch each other with our presence. Yes, you ARE wonderful, and life can be full of wonders! Let’s give out the invitation; it’s the invitation to happiness. It’s the invitation to life! Let’s be unique, as we all already are. Let’s be us! Authentically and uniquely us. Let’s give the streets their colours back!

Are you in? Let’s start the colour revolution!

Start shining your true colours today!

This past year I have felt that people have been more and more denying themselves to live, to really be alive. We, social human beings, have gotten afraid of each other. Fear to move and to even breathe freely have crippled in, and it has gotten worse and worse as the year progressed. We need to be reminded of who we truly are. To be reunited and connected with ourselves and each other once again! That is why I decided to answer this call from Tanssiteateri Kramppi to participate in Jyväskylä’s first year round art festival. I decided to dive in deep, plan a full program this spring, and offer you even 50% DISCOUNT ON MY WORKSHOPS! (And additionally, €20 off from any individual True Voice and intuitive painting session this year!) I feel incredibly motivated to help as many as I can to reach their own amazing inner light! Let’s give the streets their colours back! Are you in?

Explore my workshops on the right (or below on a mobile) and see which workshop is attracting you the most. All my workshops are participating in the art festival!
(And even if you decide not to participate yourself, you can spread the light by sharing this message!)

ADDITIONALLY: WIN AN INDIVIDUAL INTUITIVE PAINTING SESSION!!! (Value €120!) To participate click here. This giveaway ends at Tue 26 January 2021 at 23.59 (EET).  


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