Chocolate-coconut-peppermint cream

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Chocolate coconut peppermint cream

Today I got inspired! For a while I’ve been wanting to make my own coconut yogurt. It hadn’t been so high on my priority list though that I would have actually looked up a recipe and tried it out. But today I noticed someone (thank you, Michelle!) writing about her homemade ice cream with all kinds of healthy ingredients, including homemade coconut yogurt! Exactly! Follow the little clues… So I asked her how to make it. I got really inspired by this, wanting to try it out as soon as possible. Unfortunately we don’t have all the ingredients that are needed (which is only 2 or so!), so I have to wait until after we visit a store.

But… All this talk about coconut milk had ignited some kind of spark, and when I was outside with my kids I felt inspired to make them a very nice chocolate evening snack! More like a very, very nice desert! And so I did! The people who know me would probably think that either I had gone totally nuts making sweet deserts (yes, we don’t use sugar and are pretty strict in this, ehm, at least for our kids), or then that one can actually make this kind of very nice desert with healthy ingredients.

Yes, right on spot! So what do we need?

– 1 can of full fat organic coconut milk (400 ml)
– 2 full table spoons of raw organic cacao butter
– 2 very full tea spoons of raw organic cacao powder (yes, the natural, non-sweetened version)
– 7 dates (or whatever you need to meet your sweetness level)
– 1-2- drops of high quality food grade peppermint oil (like Peppermint+ from YL, see Gaia Essential) (optional)
– 1-1,5 table spoons of psyllium powder

How to make this delicious chocolate-coconut-peppermint cream or mousse or pudding or however you want to call it:
– Melt the coconut milk and cacao butter in the lowest temperature possible.
– Add the cacao powder, dates and peppermint oil (optional).
– Blend with a good blender. Especially dates need some work, hence the good blender.
– Taste and add ingredients if needed (I didn’t have to, it was perfect in one go).
– If you want to make it creamy, this is the moment to whisk it up.
– When the taste and texture are good, add the psyllium and mix some more.
– Pour into some nice looking bowls and refrigerate.
– Enjoy! (We ate them after half an hour.)

This was indeed a super delicious desert for our family! Everyone liked it! Even I thought it was delicious, and I don’t even like the taste of coconut! 😀

It’s not hard to make delicious things from healthy ingredients! It just sometimes needs a change in thinking, a getting used to something new. Did you know you can make whole cakes just out of very healthy ingredients? Mmm, healthy cake… Who wouldn’t want that?!?

Let me know when you tried this recipe: how was it? Or share your own healthy recipes below! Let’s inspire each other!


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