A little hand along the way.

Sometimes life isn’t going in a nice way. Or maybe it is, but something is still bothering you. No matter whether you come with big or small questions or issues, I would be happy to walk with you for a while. What is important for me is that I hear you, I see you, as the person that you are. Together we explore your situation and your wishes in life, and we’ll make important steps towards them. Let life shine again, because you’re worth it!


Whether you are lovers, family members or friends, sometimes your relationship is no longer what it was, or what it could be. We don’t feel heard, seen or appreciated by the other, we argue all the time, or the love just seems to melt away. When your affection towards each other changes, it can be hard to solve issues together, which makes it again harder to see each other as the great persons that you are. The fact that you’re considering to take time together and put energy and attention in your relationship, means that you still care for each other. Of course, also couples, family members or friends who are not fearing for their relationship, but who would simply like to bring more harmony into their relationship, are very welcome.
No two people are the same, that makes them interesting and unique. It is important to me that you both feel heard and seen, here by me, and also again in your relationship. Because only when you feel seen and heard, and respected in who you are, you are able to truly see the other. And that makes a world of difference!

Love by Milov Alexandr
Image: ”Love” by Alexandr Milov, 2015


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