True Voice, True You

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Learn how to live a life that truly feels home to you…

Step into the full Magnificence of who you are and shine your Light on this planet, which needs you in your fullness now more than ever before!

Yes, exactly YOU are important! It is time for us to guide ourselves and others out of the darkness that Fear has brought us, and take Life into our own hands. It is time to consciously step out of the dullness of everyday life (“But that’s how we are supposed to live, right?”) and letting life “happen to us”, and to start living our very best, most fulfilling, and happiest life ever! It is time to step forward being the magnificent beings that we are. You matter. And you have everything in you to become the greatest version of you. Now is the time!

Are you ready to join us for our next round of True Voice workshops? This is for you if you feel called to discover and step into your own unique magnificent Light. If you are ready to release your past stories and limiting beliefs and step into your potential. Even if you feel stuck, if you have no idea what your own unique light might look like, or how to actualize your dreams in your current life. This program will be an inner journey with an outer effect. We will change old habits that are no longer serving you, cultivate the courage to live the life you dream of, and so much more. If you are ready for a mind-blowing transformation into personal freedom, join me now! Now is the time.

During this transformational journey, you will be guided by… your very own voice!

”Our own voice is one of the most powerful teachers we have in learning who we are.” Mark Fox

No, it is not needed to have any ”singing skills”. And yes, if you do have ”singing skills”, you will find that this program brings you to a more authentic vocal expression. In short, this program brings you closer to yourself, and your vocal expression will benefit from it; you can expect your voice to be more open, free, courageous, healing, and authentic. You might even find registers or qualities you didn’t think you had in you!

Although you might be used to our True Voice workshops taking place in Gaia Center for Wellbeing, this time we will meet online! This gives us the opportunity to connect with people from all across the world, and for you to meet people from many cultures. And not to forget, you get to participate from the comfort of your own home (and watch the replays if you can’t make it!). It won’t be just a sit-still-and-listen experience though! We have the perfect tools to create the perfect playground for you. And of course, we will create the same safe atmosphere and connection as we have always done in Gaia. You will be surprised how well it is possible to create a safe, connected space online! A space where real transformations can take place!

Are you ready to learn who you truly are, and become who you were meant to be?

”An open voice carries in it a very individual acoustical blueprint of each persons true potential.” – Mark Fox

We start on 24 October; sign up soon, so that we have time to send you the preceding information. Here’s some useful information:

Where: online from your own home (link will be provided after sign-up)
When: Mondays 16.00-17.45
Start: Mon 24 October 2022
Duration: 6 weeks (6 weekly meetings)

Organized via Jyväskylä’s community college (Jyväskylän kansalaisopisto), which enables you to participate at a very low rate!
Price for the whole program: €33
Sign up here.


Do you want to dive even deeper?

If you are really ready for big personal breakthroughs, and you would like a more in-depth, personal touch (usually equals bigger breakthroughs faster) than we can reach in our basic program, we have these options for you to consider. People who have made use of Lisette’s coaching in the past, have had amazing results! And as a participant of the True Voice, True You program, we are giving you a discount voucher of €100 off of the following options: (You only pay €33 for the basic program, so this doesn’t make any sense!)

Option 1: Dive Deeper: If you wish to have the possibility to go deeper into life’s themes based on your personal questions, and have more time together practicing your new skills in a smaller group, you are welcome to join us for our extra Deep Diving sessions (6 during the 6 weeks of the program).
Bonus: when you book this upgrade, you will also receive lifetime access to all the replays, including the replays from the main program!

Price: €597  €297  Your discount: €100  Your price: €197  (includes 24% alv.)
Book the Dive Deeper sessions here.

Option 2: Inner Circle: Be ready for big personal breakthroughs! As an inner circle member you will be invited to receive personal hot seat coaching in a safe and relaxed group coaching setting; we will dive deep into your personal situation to get you unstuck and propelled forward fast. This is your chance to make huge leaps forward! Out of the old. Into freedom! Into your Magnificence, and a magnificent life that truly feels home to you! Our Inner Circle group coaching sessions are taking place weekly and are scheduled right after our Dive Deeper sessions (you will receive 6 in total). (Insider’s secret: when this time we didn’t have months in advance to tell people all about this program, we are expecting our Inner Circle to be nicely small this time. That means lots of time and attention for you!)
Bonus: when you book this upgrade, you will receive lifetime access to all the replays, including the replays from the main program!
Extra bonus: This time, as an Inner Circle member, you will also receive access to the Dive Deeper sessions! Two for the price of one!

Price: €1497  €597  Your discount: €100  Your price: €497  (includes 24% alv.)
Join our Inner Circle here.


What to do:

1. Register for the main course at Jyväskylä’s community college (kansalaisopisto) via this link.

2. Choose your upgrade package and book here for option 1 (Dive Deeper), and here for option 2 (Inner Circle).


We wish you a lovely week and hope to see you in October!

With Love,
Lisette & Jussi

Ps. If you know people who should hear about this opportunity, or people who you feel should join you in this program, feel free to forward this link or post about it on social media (you can include the link below). Our world will thank you!
(You can include this link when reposting:



  1. I have participated in a True Voice workshop before. Is it useful for me to participate in this program?
    When you feel called, that means that you are ready to take the next step in your personal journey, and you are very welcome to join us in September! You are always correctly guided, and you will always receive exactly what you need from the program to take the next step in becoming your most authentic, Magnificent Happy Fulfilled You!
  2. Should I have singing skills to participate?
    No, it is not important whether you ”can sing” or not.
  3. What else is not important?
    Also, it is not important whether you see yourself as courageous, or whether you have any idea about what your specific qualities or dream life might look like. Your willingness to find out is enough!
  4. What is important?
    It is important that you are willing to look inside and embark on your personal journey, that you are willing to invest in yourself (so you can get the most out of your participation), and that you are ready to become the most amazing version of you. It also helps if you have a curious attitude and are willing to try new things (old things only keep you in the old situation anyway).
  5. When is this not for me?
    This is not for you if you are not interested in personal transformations and healing, if you are comfortable where you are, if you are purely looking for ”singing lessons”, or if you already have all the answers, but you’re not implementing things into your life (hence, not giving them a chance to actually bring about change).
  6. You are talking about ”Magnificence”. Does that include me as well?
    Yes for sure! Everyone has unique qualities and gifts and comes here with a unique ”soul mission”, or ”purpose” if you like. It’s what fulfills you, makes you utterly happy, it’s what makes your heart go wild, sets you on fire, makes you come alive, and what you have absolute superpowers in. So if you don’t know, or believe this is true for you, it’s time to find out!
  7. What if I can’t make it to the live calls? Are replays available?
    Yes, replays are available for one week after each meeting, and if you choose to purchase one of our upgrades, you will get even lifetime access to the replays! So feel free to sign up even if Mondays are not the best days for you!
  8. What platform will we be using?
    We will use a platform called Airmeet. You will get detailed instructions on how to use it. You would need a computer with an internet connection.
  9. What to pay attention to when signing up?
    Please be sure to type your correct email address and name, like you will be using during the course, as this will be our way to communicate with you, give you access, send you links, etc.
  10. Is the Inner Circle a membership? Will there be recurring payments to join?
    No. Yes, you are a valued member of our Inner Circle. And no, your ”membership” will be for 6 weeks, the duration of the program only. So there won’t be any recurring payments when you join the Inner Circle at this moment. We are considering a continuous membership possibility though, and you will definitely be among the first to be informed about it!


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