When you choose to participate in our campaigns, you also accept the following terms and conditions.
How to use and share the campaign link:
When signing up to a campaign, you get a personal code and sharing link. Anytime when someone enters the campaign via your personal link, you will get additional entries for yourself. New participants should be always different individuals. This means that different email addresses of one person are not accepted. If someone breaks the campaign rules in such a way, this person will be excluded from the campaign. Additionally, the owners and employees of Gaia Center for Wellbeing are not allowed to participate in the campaigns.
How your contact information will be used:
You need a valid email address in order to participate a campaign. This email address is not given further to any third parties. However, when you sign up to a campaign, you give us also a permission to send you newsletters and information about our products, servicers and upcoming events. You can stop receiving these emails at any point by replying to any email or by clicking link at the end of a message.
Conditions for choosing the winner(s):
A winner or winners will be picked randomly after the campaign has ended if there have been at least 100 participants attending. Otherwise the campaign is discarded and the prize will not be handed out.