Music affects. Music heals.

Music is so important in life! Music affects us; it can be a warm blanket around us in times of trouble, it can give guidance on our path, an understanding companion, one can act out on music, it can channel our anger and other fierce or deep energies and emotions, or it can bring chaos, or healing, depending on the music we choose and the moment we listen to it.

We, Jussi and Lisette, write music for healing. Jussi’s music tells about life, a process of growth, hopes and fears and the many hard and also beautiful things that are experienced along the way. Jussi’s debute album “Tyhjyydestä vapauteen” (“From emptiness into freedom”) is now for sale (for only €10 in our shop). You can read more about it and listen to the songs on his website

Lisette’s healing mantras are often sung in our True Voice group workshops and are an inspiration and guidance for many. Unfortunately these mantras have not been recorded yet. Another mantra we often sing, is the mantra “I am here” from Mark Fox. Here you can listen to the Finnish version “Tässä mä oon” (translation and guitar by Jussi, vocals by Lisette and Jussi):


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