Our story

I have used essential oils for over 20 years, but only recently discovered these. At first, I didn’t believe there would be such a big difference in effectiveness between the two brands; my old brand also had 100% pure oils, so why change? But when my friend borrowed me a diffuser and some of her oils, my mind changed 100%! So ok, we ordered the oils. And guess what? So many things have opened up in our lives since then! And then I’m not even talking about the relieve from headaches, muscle aches and running noses we have experienced as well. We feel so blessed that we have found these essential oils, and that is why we are so enthusiastic to tell you about them. In our opinion, everyone should be able to experience their benefits!

Essential oils

I’ll write you more about essential oils soon…

How to buy oils

Click here to open your own member account and order your own oils! If you are using another brand, I challenge you to try out the difference! When you order oils as a member, you’ll receive 24% discount on every order, as well as other benefits, like low postage fees and even free oils on a regular basis! For us it has been a great thing, this membership; it has saved us lots of money and given us many oils for free as well. And if you become a member via the link above, you’ll also become a member of our Gaia team, which means you can always call us with your oil related questions (very handy if you’re interested in using essential oils, but you don’t know where to start yet), and you’ll get discounts on our scans as well (see below). Ask us about this membership if you want to know more!

Scan your body’s preferences

It is possible to make use of our oil scanner, a measurement device, which measures galvanic skin response, offering you insights into your body’s essential oil preferences. In other words, which essential oils help your body to balance out the different body systems, as well as stress related and other emotional issues. Ask us if you like a scan or if you like to know more about it! At this moment scans are free for Young Living members who are a part of Gaia’s team (also for our new members!). For others, a simple scan (giving you insights in your body’s oil preferences) costs €15, and an extensive scan (giving you insights in your body’s systems, emotional aspects and oil preferences) costs €25.

Organize an oil evening

And if you like to organize an oil evening or afternoon at your place, send us a message and we will organize one for you. During this afternoon or evening, you will learn about different essential oils, you’ll get to ask all your questions and of course there will be lots of oils to smell and experience. There are no costs to this.